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Our company established in 1988, under the leadership of Mr. Sameer Khan. his wide-ranging, international experience and relationships in the industry alllow him to bring a wealth of learning and insight to our business.

Despite our low-key media profile, we are known among discerning home-makers as a sound choice for superior residences. our work speak for itself.

Our buildings is known for their immaculate planning with an emphasis on aesthetics amd impeccable quality. Our in-house team of dynamic, experienced Civil engineers, Architects and supervisors ensure that we continue to be known for the quality and timely completion of our projects.

In addition, we are supported by a carefully chosen team of top-of-the-line associates each of whom possesses vast experience in their respective fields.

From the biginning, we have focused on going that extra mile to provide customers with a happy experience. We are inspired by the lifestyles of our customers, and believe in the optimum use of space. Our projects don't begin with blueprints and plans - they have their inception in a thorough understanding of your needs.

Our work reflects an in-depth understanding of minute lifestyle nuances such as what the Indian housewife requires in a good kitchen unit, the needs of different socio-economic groups and more. We include those little details that make a perfect home, right from the design stage. What's more, each project is a learning experience for us, generating fresh insights that enable us to serve our customers better.

Our aim is to offer customers an experience that is on par with the best anywhere in the world. This approach has lead us to introduce many firsts in the market here, including the first residential complex to make full use of the portico concept, the proper use of elevations and more.

As conscientious builders, we are in control of every aspect of the construction process, from painstakingly choosing the finest materials to undertaking all civil work ourselves.

In addition, we leverage the expertise of trusted associates, consummate professionals whose commitment to fine work complements our own in the areas of architecture and electrtical and sanitary infrastructure.

We believe in the best. In keeping with this philosophy, we leverage the expertise of painstakingly chosen associates whose commitment to fine work complements our own in the areas of architecture, Structural Design and Electrical and Sanitary infrastructure.Consummate Professionals every one. they are our allies in creating dream homes for our customers.

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