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The moment the first golden streak of dawn strikes and paints the world, it’s evident that a new day has begun; a new voyage has begun, be it for only twenty-four hours, a new date is marked. The day unfolds with all its trials and time slowly ticks away. Then after the last streak of twilight brushes the world, you return to your hearth, your haven...your home.

This is what we at Mantri Developers have strived to give - a home you will always look forward to, a home you will long to return to after your day’s journey. A home patterned with all the conveniences, all the luxuries you might need, for we believe that every family of Mantri has a different way of life, a different need, a different taste … and we take no chance to leave any of our patrons disappointed. So as we steadily move along the path we first established in Bangalore, in 1999, we have today several completed projects, each highlighting an individuality of style, of space and of distinction to finally offer you a home that perfectly fits your imagination of a dream abode ... and make you silently whisper ‘Lets go Home’.
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